About us

Today, Vaasanthi carries that commitment to quality forward with demonstrated efficacy on all its Natural Health Products. Our companies commitment for rigid adherence to quality has made its products the best in the market. The company makes a wide range of cosmetic and health care products.

is arrived from a word Vaasantham in Sanskrit, which signifies a new beginning or season of spring.

Vaasanthi Mission

- Bring the awareness in general public about the side effects of harmful chemicals.
- Teaching the value of herbs and uses.
- Explaining how to make food supplements and herbal cosmetics at a reasonable price.
- To teach people that prevention is better than cure.

Vaasanthi Vision

- To see happy, healthy people around.
- To offer organically grown herbal products at reasonable prices.

Vaasanthi's main objective is to bring the awareness in general public about the side effects of harmful chemicals and also to teach people that prevention is better than cure. Utmost care is taken in the selection of the right type of raw material and traditional methods for manufacturing herbal products. In co-ordination with Girijan Co-operative Societies some of the herbs are collected from the forest agency areas of Andhra Pradesh

Also the single minded devotion and commitment exhibited by the leadership of our president, Mrs. Phani, steered the company into success. The commitment to the cause is firmly spelt out by the philosophy enunciated in the words of our President. "Organic Herbal Cure is not a business proposition but a sincere commitment towards improving the health of every Individual through the power of Herbs".

Today, as it enters its peers, it has a wide product range of herbal products and exports these products, spanning through North America, Europe and South East Asia with an enviable quality and appreciation from its customers. The company stands out tall amongst its peers in Health care and cosmetic products. The company constantly benchmarking its products and strives for excellence.

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